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Sutariya Exports

SUTARIYA EXPORTS is a ownership Trusted company dealing in the business of exporting agricultural commodities.
Milan Sutariya ” is the founder of this company With over 9 years of experience in the field of agriculture and international trading, the organization has extensive knowledge about quality standards from the whole over the world.

Experience, tradition and passion handed over from generation to generation are the driving factors of our business.

Milan Sutariya


With a vision of becoming leading exporters of agricultural commodities, Milan Sutariya started this “SUTARIYA” firm before 8 years. But within this short time, Sutariya agricultural exporter is the leading, fast growing and reliable firm, which is dealing in various agricultural products. This achievement is possible by hard working and giving upliftment to the rural area development. India is the land of farmers. If the farmers get the best price, then it will direct effect on other products also.


Our company gets success in this field by using an extensive knowledge and maintaining quality standard on national and international market. Using the knowledge and skill of experienced marketers, we decide the fair price of each and every product, which gives maximum benefits to the buyer and seller both. There are so many exporters as per the current market scenario, then why you choose us? Our company has achieved quality certification on our products and delivery services. To maintain the quality of products is difficult when you have more than one supplier for the same product. But we have done this to achieve our target to deal at reasonable rate with buyers and sellers. We have stored agricultural products in hygienic places to avoid any type of damage.


We are best quality exporters of raw cotton, oil seeds, spices and many other agro products. Oil seeds include peanut and sesame seeds, whereas spices include coriander, garlic, cumin, mustard and many more seeds. Other than these products yellow maize, sorghum, millet, chickpeas and fresh onions and ginger are also available for bulk orders. Our customers highly appreciated our products for its some great feature such as freshness, purity and quality. We are able to handle and deliver any product requirement and the quantity of product weather higher or lesser. We believe in developing long term relationship with customers and our visible and fair work policy shows you our working method and culture.


Our Mission and Vision :

We buy agricultural products directly from farmers, so they will get appropriate price and it is our contribution for the development of the Nation. Other than this we are exporter throughout the globe, so in this way we are trying to connect these farmers at global level. In this global development, every person lives healthy and wealthy life in an eco friendly manner.


Our business strategy :

  1. Partners with national and international clients.
  2. Make proper association to expand business.
  3. Standard quality exporter at competitive rate.
  4. Straight up combination which saves cost and captures international market.
  5. Proficient use of available resources.
Our Products

Key Strategies of the Business are as Follows:

Cost saves

Vertical integration to derive cost saves

Expand market

Expand market through alliances

Standard quality

Capture international market share thru competitive pricing with standard quality

Profitable business deals

Partner with clients to establish profitable business deals


Exponential use of available resources

Business Type

Processor, Supplier, Exporter, Exports 100 %