Why Choose Us

What makes us different Quality

Sutariya Exports understands that safety is essential to all.Therefore Sutariya Exports is committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment

Our goal is to achieve 100% product supply with our Supply Management Program.We can track your inventory and deliveries via phone, fax.

We have a sophisticated network of transportation vehicles for fast,reliable response.

We always follow Our Quality to APEDA( Agriculture &Processed Food Product Export Development Authority- Govrnment of India) & Spices Board India (Ministry Of Commerce & Industry,Govt Of India)


Quality matters when it is for human life. SUTARIYA Takes care about total assurance about product quality. The single word quality involves from placing a product to consum. This total process includes production, storage, maintenance, safe distribution to consumer and their feedback. This long process comes into existence from the production part. If the production is done with care without any insect damage, then farmer will get the best return while selling its products. If we take steps ahead, then it comes on storage and maintenance of products. We are taking total care while purchasing products from farmers that the product is fresh, pure and safe to use.


The selection and shipping criteria :

  • When our experts are gone to buy any agricultural product from the farm,they will check the quality of product by giving attention on soil type, time of harvest and suitable time of product delivery.
  • After getting delivery from farmers, our expert stores them at reliable cold or dried storage area.The storage type is decided from the type of product.
  • We follow containerization and shipping method to hand over the perfect product to our valuable clients.

Our goal is to achieve reliable product supply and it is possible via our tracking method of your order. This tracking is done via phone or fax. We always follow Our Quality to APEDA(Agriculture & Processed Food Product Export Development Authority- Government of India) & Spices Board India (Ministry Of Commerce & Industry, Govt. Of India)